presentation sins 

 Presentation Sins destroy presentations, embarrass presenters, and alienate audiences. Learn how to avoid them. Superior presenters learn the secrets  of successful presentations, avoid the common mistakes of public speaking and practise the tips of speaking success.

The details can make your presentation or break it. Presentation sins (and the devil) are in the details.

Learn these presentation details.



  The Nine Presentation Sins

   and how you can avoid them


Presenting can be a sin. Presenting can be passable. Or, presenting could be powerful. How do you transform yourself from presentation sinner to powerful presenter? By recognizing the sins, avoiding them and mastering the skills of powerful presenters. Study the nine presentation sins listed below. Be aware of them – and learn how to avoid these presentation sins. And you will be more powerful and successful with your presentations. Start delivering more powerful presentations now – by avoiding these nine presentation sins.


Presentation Sin 1: Wasting time

Start on time and finish on time.


Presentation Sin 2: Boring your audience

Give them key points that they can digest. Don’t read your speech. Package the information with your voice, body language and style to make it interesting.


Presentation Sin 3: Lacking passion

Believe in your message and let them know how much you believe in it. Passion is captivating, contagious and more convincing than logic.


Presentation Sin 4: Confusing your audience

Keep your message clear. Eliminate unnecessary information and conflicting messages. Use words that they understand. Repeat your message three times.


Presentation Sin 5: Insulting your audience

Talk to them and with them - but not down to them. Don’t make jokes about the audience. Don’t assume that you know what they think, know or have done.


Presentation Sin 6: Not clear about your purpose/message

Ask yourself why you are giving this speech. Be able to state your message in one short clear phrase. Then build your presentation around that. If you can’t – don’t.


Presentation Sin 7: Information overload

Give them what they need to know to do what you want them to do. Don’t overload them with too much information.


Presentation Sin 8: Stuck in your rut of delivery - unable to flex to the audience

Be prepared to alter your presentation to reach the audience in the way that is best for them. It is not about you. You must reach them with your message.


Presentation Sin 9: Using slides that are boring, irrelevant, or confusing

Only use visual aids that reinforce your message. PowerPoint will never rescue you from poor presentation skills. You are you best messenger.



You can avoid these Nine Presentation Sins - by rereading them, understanding them and preparing yourself to stop committing them.



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If you read these and see yourself committing these presentation sins – be thankful that you can still stop. It’s not too late.



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   The Nine Presentation Sins

     And how you can avoid them


Presentation Sins that destroy presentations, embarrass presenters, and alienate audiences. Learn how to avoid them.  Superior presenters learn the secrets of successful presentations, avoid the common mistakes of public speaking and practice the tips of speaking success.  The details can make your presentation or break it. And presentation sins (and the devil) are in the details.  Learn these presentation details.